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The Limerick King

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Many people call me, “The Limerick King.” I am humbled but not enough not to take the bait and write a limerick about myself.  I do write a great many limericks but I also write other poems, short stories, and personal quotes.

The Limerick King

They call me the Limerick King,
But royalty’s just not my thing;
I like fairy tales,
And wild woodland trails,
Discovering lyrics that I can sing. ~ Regis

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Written by Regis Auffray

February 26, 2017 at 10:50 am

Encounter with a Mermaid

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Alone by the wild sea I sought what I might see;

When all of a sudden, before me on a rock,

Reclined one of the wondrous women of the sea –

A mythical mermaid with whom I wished to talk.

“Mermaid, fair mermaid, why is it you hide?

My wish is to see you and to perhaps know you;

But I cannot find you when you hide in the tide,

And dive behind the waves to keep from my view.”

“I hide for I’m shy and really quite wary,

And I have reason to take care and beware;

For your race’s shown itself to be mostly quite scary

And the kind souls I’ve met have been rather rare.”

“I promise, dear mermaid, that I will tell no one

About you and your sisters and your home in the deep.

I’ll keep very quiet and until you are done,

You’ll not hear from me so much as a peep…

Is it true fair mermaid, that deep under the waves,

Your home is made of polished pearl and pink coral?

Is it true you are keeping captive as your slaves,

The souls of drowned sailors whose lives were immoral?”

“These stories you’ve heard are full of false rumor;

Our home is indeed of coral, pearl but much more.

We live in an aura of love and good humor,

And we do not judge those who pass by our door.”

“But you will admit that at times in the past,

Your voice would enchant sailors as they sailed by.

Entranced by your song and the spell that it cast;

Their ship wrecked and they died to your lullaby.”

“Such stories are foolish and really quite false;

We mermaids have never coaxed sailors to their death.

We watch and we wonder at life’s wonderful waltz,

And we want for nothing for the sea is our wealth.

The nonsense you spoke of is false, foolish folklore.

I hope that this day you have learned about us;

That you’ll change the wrong rumors that were there before,

And leave us alone without any fuss.”

“Thank you, dear mermaid, and I appreciate

The time you have spent answering my quest.

I know that you love and that you do not hate;

And I hope that some day I will be your guest.”

“You’ve asked your questions and I’ve tried to answer.

Now please, excuse me, I’ve company later.

The dolphins are coming for tea and you, sir,

May stay if you wish; you can be the waiter.”

Written by Regis Auffray

February 2, 2017 at 2:31 pm

Un Autre Rêveur

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Un Autre Rêveur

Il rêvait de jouer au hockey ;
Il se voyait comme un autre Gretzky.
Il filerait sur la glace,
On lui céderait sa place,
Il lancerait et compterait,
Et la foule en délire l’applaudirait…

Ses parents se sont séparés,
Et enfin ils ont divorcé.
Le rêve du hockey terminé;
Ses beaux patins imaginés
Ne lui ont même jamais servis ;
Et le hockey est parti de sa vie.

Un autre rêve est venu peu à peu:
Il serait une super vedette du rock;
Sur l’estrade, sous les feux,
Comme un diable, comme un dieu;
Sa guitare électrique et ses loques qui choquent
Ceux qui ne comprennent pas son époque;
Mais la foule en délire l’acclamerait…


Pour avoir une guitare électrique,
On doit quand même se trouver du fric;
Sinon il faut bien
Trouver autre moyen…

Dans la vitrine, il a vu “sa” guitare;
Il est venu “l’emprunter” un beau soir.
Les sirènes ont crié;
À peine le temps de prier.
La guitare a brillé
Dans la noirceur mouillée;
Et dans un éclat de lumière aveuglante,
Les réactions sont rapides et sanglantes.
On a pris la guitare pour une arme,
Quelques coups, quelques larmes;
Il sourit en mourant
Car la guitare en tombant
A joué quelques notes dans la nuit
À son esprit qui s’enfuit
Vers les étoiles qui sourient.
Et son rêve qui le suit
Ne se réalisera pas ici-bas;
Mais il se peut qu’il le fera là-bas…

On dit que quelquefois
Par des nuits agitées,
On entend une voix
Qui monte de la cité;
Une voix qui chante
Des paroles qui hantent
Mais qui font quand même du bien;
C’est le rêveur qui nous tend ce lien…

Régis Auffray

Written by Regis Auffray

November 17, 2016 at 8:40 pm

Posted in Structured Poetry

Alice in Wonderland (rhyming acrostic)

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Alice in Wonderland         (Rhyming Acrostic where each letter of the title begins a new verse)
Alice in Woderland a
Alice, dear Alice in your land of wonder;
Listen, can you hear a voice like thunder?
Is it the Jabberwock or the Mad Hatter;
Could it be the Knave of Hearts, for that matter?
Everyone in your world can alter their voice.

In your magical realm everyone has a choice.
Now that these visions have set the scene,

Will you please tell me all that you’ve seen?
Oh how I am wishing to be with you there;
Nothing would stop me from meeting the March Hare.
Down in that extraordinary rabbit hole,
Everyone is eager to take a thrilling stroll;
Reality fades and fantasy flourishes.
Ladies and gentlemen you may make your wishes.
Alice will be our most gracious guide;
No one must stray away from her side.
Do not let common sense be swayed by your pride.

Written by Regis Auffray

January 21, 2016 at 10:10 pm