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A Lady from Bath and other Stories

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Bathing woman

A  Lady from Bath and other Stories (limerick silliness)

I once met a lady in Bath,

Who led me down her garden path;

As we went ‘round a bend,

We came to the end,

And she invited me into her bath.


There’s a man who’s a vendor of seashells,

By the seashore he sings as he sells;

Some say he’s crazy,

Others say he’s lazy,

But he cleverly turns shells into bells.


There once was a cowboy in a boat,

Who rowed his rowboat on a moat;

It was quite a change,

From his home on the range,

With him in his boat was a goat.


There once was a girl named Alley,

Who led the “Girls of the Valley;”

They sang as a group,

A fine musical troupe,

They were stars at every rally.


There’s a fellow by the name of Toby,

His cohort calls himself Moby;

They’re known to be vandals,

They both wear sandals,

They claim to be from the Gobi.


There once was a chef named Reiner,

Who worked in a local diner;

He cooked with great care,

Served the best of fare,

Such that one could find none finer.


Near our town there’s a bard on the beach,

Some say he can be quite a leech;

He will read you a poem,

Then enter your home,

And proceed to make it his niche.


An older lady on the fairway,

Told me that she was from Norway;

She played golf like a pro,

Made the bettors eat crow,

When she sliced the ball far and away.


There once was a girl named Bessie,

A brat who was always dressy;

Ever demanding,

Constantly commanding,

She often made things quite messy.


I once met a tailor named Jackie,

Who told me that khaki was tacky;

In khaki was I clad,

So I was not glad,

Thus I told her I feared she was wacky.

© Copyright 2016 Regis Auffray


Written by Regis Auffray

January 15, 2016 at 3:02 am

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  1. I am new on WordPress so please forgive any unintended “faux pas.” I can easily delete my account if anyone is displeased.


    January 15, 2016 at 3:04 am

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