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Under the Banyan Tree

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Under the Banyan Tree



Well beyond the sea

Lauri sits under the banyan tree

She may be reading

Or writing

Perhaps meditating


She listens to birdsongs

The sigh of the breeze

Through the trees


She inhales the scents of nature

Surrounding her


She bathes in the serenity

In these moments of serendipity

That are hers

And hers alone


Under the banyan tree


I am simply waiting

For an invitation

To join her



© Régis Auffray

Written by Regis Auffray

July 17, 2018 at 5:21 pm

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Moon Smile

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Moon Smile  (photo by me, taken on December 31st, 2017)

The moon is bright this night.
It seems to smile sardonically
at me
and tufts of brittle grass
in frozen fields of snow
while in the woods nearby,
its cold shine greets the bony branches
of skeletal winter trees.
Its spectral moonbeams cast shadows
under these sleeping sentinels.
So still and silent is the night
that footsteps crushing snow
seem almost sacrilegious −
a sin to spoil the stillness and the snow.

I turn my footsteps homeward
and as I do it seems
I feel the cold moon sneer
and hear a quiet sigh
from hushed and speechless sentries.

© Regis Auffray


Written by Regis Auffray

April 17, 2018 at 8:58 pm

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Free Fall

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Free Fall

As always

When we connect

I feel

I free fall into you

I am afraid of heights

Yet I am eager to jump

And free fall into you

I look in the darkness

I see nothing

I feel you

I let myself free fall into you

I feel the rain on my face

I welcome its living loveliness

I feel you

Gently coming on my face

Outside my window

The whisper of the wind

Beckons me to free fall into you

 As I so yearn to

I do

I love snow

You are the sweetest of snowflakes

I fantasize about you

Free falling into me

This free fall I so love

I never want to end

I will forego orgasm

If I must

Just let me keep free falling

With you

Eternally on this journey

© Régis Auffray


Written by Regis Auffray

September 26, 2017 at 8:57 pm

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Bubbles and Childhood

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Bubbles and Childhood

Children blow bubbles
Creating carefree coloured worlds
(Spherical rainbows)
Which the breeze blows away
Towards the sun and sky
And evermore

Ephemeral worlds
As innocence and childhood are
In a world
Where children blow bubbles

© Régis Auffray

Blowing bubbles - little girl a

Written by Regis Auffray

June 10, 2017 at 2:40 pm

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Oh Wildwood

When I first beheld you

I fell for you

In an instant

A falling star

Lit up your eyes

With the flame of love

I felt I was dying

I am in love

Still and ever

With you



© Régis Auffray

Written by Regis Auffray

May 16, 2017 at 11:35 am

Deep into April

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Deep into April

I was deep into April

And I am still

Into her flaxen hair

Flowing in the breeze

Of a hesitant spring

Into her gentle voice

Like distant wind chimes

Echoing through the air

Into her touch

Like snowflakes on your face

When you look to heaven

Into her laughter

Youthful and innocent

Refreshing like summer rain

Into her scent

Like that of honeysuckle

Subtly intoxicating

Into her kisses

Tasting of life’s essence

And sweet summer wine

Into her gentleness

Like that of a fawn

Timid yet unmissable

Into her loveliness

Unforgettably etched on my heart

Leaving me breathless

Into her spirit

Encompassing my soul

Like the arms of an angel

I was deep into April

And I am still

Written by Regis Auffray

April 23, 2017 at 9:27 pm

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People call me Ness.  Those who think they are my friends call me Nessie.  It’s ironic.  They give me the name of the monster from Loch Ness.  They have no idea how close they are to the monster within me.  It’s not even my first name.

I’ve been on the street for quite a few years now.  I have no idea who my father was and my mother literally threw me out of the house when I was fourteen years of age.  She did it after I completely destroyed one of her boyfriends who thought he would get his way with me.  Something happened within me and I looked right into his eyes and he went crazy.  I’d never seen anyone so afraid.

I knew from that moment that I have a gift.  It’s not so bad on the street at all.  With my gift, I can get whatever I want.  I don’t abuse it.  The abusers, though, are getting fewer by the day.  I’m pretty and young and they are attracted to me.  I can read through their thoughts.  I wait for just the right moment and look right into their eyes.  That is all.  They become insane and will not abuse anyone anytime soon.

I am grateful for my gift.  By the way, my first name has always been Dark.

Written by Regis Auffray

March 21, 2017 at 5:21 pm